Friday, March 28

I had a stunning moment of clarity yesterday... after all the wobbles of this year I was still enjoying the uni and the work but yesterday I read a case that made me sure I was doing the right thing... The judges solotion to a tricky constitutional issue was outstanding ... I'm talking about it making me smile.. just the idea of the solution makes me smile.. now i'm not saying anyone one else would have the same reaction, in fact most people would find it mind numbingly dull. The only downside is this ruling was only by a high court judge, unfortunatly when the Court of Appeal or the House of Lords gets to review it, it may all change.. fingers crossed.

On a final note.. overlawyered.com is about the USA's over litigation and is useful to look at everytime I think litigation culture is growing out of control here, we in the UK have got a long way to go thank god!
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Tuesday, March 18

I'm actually enjoying staying with the boys the only down side is they are big stoners.... i've spent too much time a little mashed up .. but i guess its good it could have been alot worse a position I found myself in!!

I guess we are going to war then after months of half arsed diplomacy, the united nations days are perhaps few, that my be an over reaction but at the same time it was established at a time when the bi polar nature of the world meant it was needed.. but nowadays with the us being so dominant perhaps a new system of international co-operation needs to be developed.. or do we really need them any more at all! afterall we now have the good old U S of A to keep us safe from global strife!
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Friday, March 14

God I hate administrators... well not all over them but the ones who work for universties and local education authorities..

I'm still on the floor at a mates but we are all getting on OK so thats one worry gone for now... most of the places i've looked at so far have been awful and the one decent place i've seen is in a nicer part of town, making it miles for the train station... but more importantly is only available until septemeber, still it will give me more time to find another nice place.. and at at least i'd have some space to get it all back on track..

Its been a fun few months since christmas but this also goes to illustrate a negative point about my personality.... I only feel ok when things are at the roughest.. When everything is running smoothy I don't trust it. Now its choas with no cash no job and no house i feel like i have somthing to live for... if thats not crazy then please tell me what is!

Back to it
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Monday, March 10

Ok so things are nearly back on track... I have found a semi permenent place thats close to uni and the rest of my life.. I am not gonna let this little hiccup slow me down.. I need to get a job, then find a place to stay.. but things could be worse...

I've just got to put up with no bed or carpets or furniture and my stuff in boxes for the next couple of weeks.... wish me luck!

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Saturday, March 8

God why is it that somtimes things just go from bad to worse.. I had stuff all dealt with and things were getting better.. doing well at uni, enjoying it, good mates stuff like that then all of a sudden life kicks you again!

To explain i've been living with my best mate kathryn for nearly six years now we went out for a while and weve always stayed close. She is in essence the only "family" I have. Well it would take a decade to fully explain whats been going on but here goes. seeing a bloke (T) she tells me I must get to know him I get to know him, and we get on really well, he's a solicitor i'm a law student so we had stuff in common and we liked the same music etc. Kat broke up with him after about a year the other day.. now i deliberatly took no sides but was perhaps slightly critical of the way Kathryn dealt with it.

I live with Kathryn she lets me stay here for free and I help her looking after the place now last night I went out on the piss and Tim came back togther with a bunch of other people, this morning she stormed in to my room and told me to leave the house, she's kicked me out thats it i'm on the streets now.. I don't know when my next post will be, I have no cash but I know a couple of people who can put me up for a while so I shouldn't be on the streets for the time being.. can I continue my degree well that is a diferent matter.
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Tuesday, March 4

its been another age since i've posted here... been very busy getting my life back on track studies and all.. the work has been hard but the more I get into it the more I enjoy it. On the downside i'm starting to think like a lawyer. Could be worse I suppose!

I've managed to get some work exp sorted out in Miami for the summer.. assuming I get a 2.1 for the first year. A little bit of presure but things could be worse at least I have a goal!!

Gotta get back to work...
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