Thursday, October 17

My social life is a little strange at the moment I go from getting loads of calls at the same time to no-one wanting to play at all. I wonder if they are all working together to confuse me. Unlikely as they all come from places and most of them havn't met each other.

Jeffrey Archer has again been moved to a low security resort. Despite breaking numerous prison rules that would have landed you're average pleb with a restriction of prison earnings or even increased time "inside". Lord Archer of Trashy novels really is too easy a target. But he's also to good an example of a great failing of the British legal and HM Prison service.

If you are of the right background you are less likely to be found guilty or ruled against, and even if that does happen, if you are important enough you'll be OK
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Wednesday, October 16

I've just watched "black hawk down" it was ok. It seamed to be pretty realistic , apart from some of the dialog, although I'm not really qualified to comment as i've never been in such a situation.

Uni is ok, well in terms of the work. Still finding it a little hard to settle in but I guess that kind of comes with being a mature students.

I've currently writing a critical assesment of the labour governments reform of the house of lords, Unusually for an assignment its interesting. may even post it to make up for the normal crap on here!
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Saturday, October 12

I hate finding boxes. Well not boxes as such but boxes of memories I recently found such a box from my days in York and I don't mind saying it made me shed a tear a tear or two. A tear for the freinds i'd lost, the times we could have had and all that.

I miss what I had I regret the reasons I came here... but now i'm here my life goes on, sombody once said having regrets was a bad thing and generally I agree with them.

But i miss my old life.. warts and all.
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Thursday, October 10

Been a while since i've posted. I've had very little of the down time I need to post. I get ideas of stuff to do while i'm walking around but by the time I get home they are gone.

I'm really working quite hard at the moment. At the same time i'm managing to have a great deal of fun. the other day I got some free tickets to see kid galahad they were stunning, its a long time since i've seen anything really good at Barfly and these guys were worth wading through tons of crap to find. They've really got me back into live music.

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Wednesday, October 2

University life is settling down, lectures and the like I am glad I moved. I do look around and regret that I am doing it now at the grand old age of twentyfive. Don't get me wrong there are pro's to studying at this point but I do miss the life style that my "maturity" caps. living in halls would have been fun for a few months.

Only ten years ago my only aim in life was to have a magazine subscription, actually it was to have a home I would be living in for long enough to keep it going for a whole year. My parents ceased to be around from when I was about 13-14 through different reasons but it left me alone and passed from relative to family friend and brief periods of local authority "care". All this provided me, by the time I was 16 and living on my own, with very humble ambitions. Now only a few years later i'm on the road to doing what I always wanted to do.

Anyway thats just emptying my head for another day!
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