Monday, September 30

Uni was ok the new course looks good and i've already bumped into a couple of people I kinda know so thats was as they say nice.

Sky one have been annoying me a fair bit recently, but this has really got me. Sky announced a while back that they were going to rerun the original series of the west wing good news all round.. then I find out today the they've been showing it since early sept at 1.50am... what kind of time is that for such a high quality drama. I could understand if it was because a repeat but most of its schedule is filled with repeats.

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Nature conspires against me once again. In the week I start back at uni and start doing my part-time job for real, as apposed to training, I come down with a case of the flu....

I can beat this, I can beat this, I CAN beat this....

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Sunday, September 29

Last night we ended up seeing The Guru it wouln't have been my first choice but it was funny in a working title kind of way.

I'm just about to set off for a top greasy spoon breakfast with some mates then i've got to get my stuff together for enrolment tommorow..
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Saturday, September 28

Its been a busy couple of days. I have reached the end of my training in my new part time job. All the new recruits had to sit an exam. the pass mark was 80%, out of ten three passed and one of them was me! Good job really because if you fail after the re-sit you get the sack.

I'm going out with M tonight, I havn't seen her for ages as she's been working away. Going to catch a film, and i'm trying to decide what film to see now... the listings look a little thin right now though.

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Wednesday, September 25

I think this is the only the second time since I started my new blog that I am not drunk when making a post, i'm sure once I get back to uni and start using my brain a few more of them will start making sense!

So Prince charles is annoyed about the potential ban on fox hunting, he's so annoyed that he feels the need to get involved on a political level by writing letters to cabinet ministers. In one of these letters its reported he said he would leave the country if fox hunting was banned. I'm not that bothered about fox hunting really, I really should be more interested but I can see so many more important things that need to be done!

So I say ban fox hunting and while we are at it we can get rid of an Prince and future king that thinks he has any place in the governing of a democratic nation. I'm not a republican I just think the Royal family , even the ruling monarch , should stick to opening things and waving!
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Tuesday, September 24

In the sky the birds are pulling rain,
in your life a curse has got a name,
makes you lie awake all through the night that's why.

She's intoxicated by herself,
everyday she's seen with someone else,
and every night she kisses someone new never you.

You're waiting in the shadows for a chance
because you believe at heart, that if you can,
show to her what love is all about she'll change.
She'll talk to you with no one else around,
but only if you're able to entertain her,
the moment conversation stops she's gone again.

"toxic girl" Kings Of Convenience

I need to stop hanging out with these types... really

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Monday, September 23

I really hate the local news round these parts.

If all you watched news wise was these lovley little bullitins you'd be left thinking the only place anything happens is south wales. I guess its the same everywhere. Todays story about an earthquake really got me the first few times I saw the piece the quake was described as the biggest in the uk or such like. It was also presented in a style that suggested wales was the only place in the uk that had been affected, there was no mention of the epicenter in Birmingham... well until the later editions.

The quake did not disrupt my sleep. (it would have been too cheap to do the rhyme)
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Sunday, September 22

Went to a decent house warming last night. That was nice.

I've held off buying a PS2 so far mainly because I don't play the PS1 I own enough, but I had a go on wipeout fusion while I was at a mates and I was so disapointed. It was just a step down in my opinion from wipeout 3, It seamed slower and not quite so smooth. The worst bit was the wipeout series has always looked great, always a little distincive this version just looked all wrong. I'm not sure why they dropped the designers republic for the graphics work but for whatever reason a little bit of the wipeout appeal has been lost.

I think i'm getting old.
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Saturday, September 21

Lets drive this guy insane he's hooked up the majority of his house to his site. You can turn on and off lights, sprinklers and computer equipment even choose what music you want him to listen to. The object is, as the title suggests, to drive Paul Mathis insane.
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There are some interesting people hanging around the Internet, alot are completely gaga. The author of five takes the whole thing to a new and previously unimaginable level. He seams to think the media is covertly monitoring us through our TV's and radios he explains the evidence of this in extreme detail and has so far sent nearly 25,000 faxes to parliament the media and the like. My first reaction was to assume it was all just a bad joke but the amount of work he has but into it gets me thinking!

Still drinking too much and meeting lots of pretty decent people, but I've got to get my head into gear soon... otherwise my brain will really struggle to think. Currently I either spend my time drunk, hung over or too tired to do anything!
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Thursday, September 19

I really like this time of year, my mates are back and there are loads of new bars to investigate. We went to a couple and they were all very simlar, chilled music, beech furniture and over priced beer... its not that I don't like either chilled music or beech furniture I really do its nice I just don't want to pay £3 a pint.. not in Cardiff

Less spam on hotmail Hotmail puts squeeze on spam
anyone fancy a bet....
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Wednesday, September 18

I've made it through the day but only just.. on Tuesday night I went out for a quick beer with a mate from work.. got in at 2am back up at 6 and the day starts over.. but only a couple more weeks of working this many hours!

While I was having my lunch I came across this article High coffee prices leave bitter taste in mouths of impoverished farmers and it on an instinctive level seams wrong that while the price of the product we consume is rising the raw material costs continue to fall. Farmers are working incredibly hard for poverty wages. I know my economics teacher would have told me thats just the way the world works but I guess that's why i'm not really that impressed by modern economic theory.

Also had a curry from this place last night Rafi's spice box and it was stunning and such a clever idea... it didn't take long to make and tasted like it cost twice as much!

I'm really tired, so i'm going to sleep!

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i'm hungover, trying to fight the will to get back into bed.... m u s t g o t o work!

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Monday, September 16

I forgot how much fun working can be! I don't know why but my new job, although a little more complex then some of my previous student jobs, is a good laugh... good people thats the key to it all. Although I know how hard it can be to put together a good team, I guess thats why most of the time people don't bother too much about it.

I've just seen a documentary on C5 or as it is now known "five" it was actually quite good... not cheap American tripe or soft core porn. I was shocked when "five" won terrestrial broadcaster of the year recently, maybe I should give it another chance, C5 seams to be growing up at the same time as the ITV network really dumbs down.

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Sunday, September 15

Last night I went out for a quick pint and ended up staying out till 6am.. But then its house warming season right now.. all my student mates have new houses and all my none student friends seam to have sympathy parties. Either way its a fun month or so before the real work starts.

I've been searching for a way to rate my grief at major disasters and such like for some time.. this search has come to an end with the brains trust - griefometer® the unit of measure is great but I won't spoil it!

Before I go and sleep for the rest of Sunday I want to say thanks to stuart and simon for being decent chaps and all that. The only thing I currently have from my old blog is the guestbook

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Saturday, September 14

I blogged some time ago.. and it was fun, now i'm back and i'm gonna blog some more.

I was gonna start by going on about everything thats been going on but I decided against that.. mainly because my fingers are tired of all this typing.

I'm sorting out stuff like comments and a guestbook as I speak.. but for the time being its just my little words sitting here alone!
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